Monday, December 17, 2012

The Things With Wings

 "Its bore being a housewife " I always expressed my boredom to my husband. He took me to the university library, and triggered the reading habit of mine. And now I wanted to take some books home, I'm not pretty choosy about books and I no have idea of choosing the books. I checked out some books which had attractive cover page and gone through the font size and style in which the book is printed. It seems silly but still I did!

 After successfully completing the book "The Voyage of Frog" by Gary Paulsen, in our daily reading time, the other book which is left out in my collection is "The Things with Wings" by Gregory J Holch.

 Firstly, when I was just skimming over the chapter titles, I got bored of seeing the words "Newton", "Apple tree", etc and I thought its going to be some sort of philosophy. Thought of skipping the book but I had no other books left to study in the reading hour of our day. So I thought of reading 3 chapters a day.

 But later I found it to be a good fantasy novel and I got completely lost in the book. Now I suggest this book to be made as a movie and I'll be the first person in whole universe to be happy if it happens so. Now I want to read books of this kind and volunteered my husband to take me to the district library and found many fantasy novels, picked few for this month in my usual way ;-)

 "The Things with Wings"  gave me wings to fly out of boredom and now I found that reading is an interesting addiction.

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