Friday, December 14, 2012


 "Mom!! I got placed in an MNC!!" I exclaimed with excitement in a phone call. My friends nearby in my room knew the news only when I was talking to my mom over mobile phone. All were happy for my placement and everyone in my family were happy to know the news that I became a software engineer. Yes, first software engineer in my family. I was happy to be tagged by that name. My best friend Durga and I went to Krishna canteen to celebrate our placements.

 All of a sudden, I got engaged too. My marriage is to be held immediately after my studies. Job?? Its obvious that I had to quit my offer, because married life is given high priority in our community. I had a secret plan to get a good position in a good work place, but I found it to be a difficult task to be placed off-campus. So, for now I am tagged as "housewife".

  Housewife. Really tougher task than my secret plan. Working with four months of pregnancy may make me tired physically, but mentally I am tired being housewife. I wonder how my mom, grand-mom and many more ladies achieved this position for several years even without laptop, internet and television boxes. Cooking and house keeping doesn't require one full day; state of boredom filled my day which urged me to read some books occasionally, browse most of the time and made me as a pretty good farmer in Farmville 2. :-) I think I'll have most of the time with my kid in future, but for now I don't want to spend my precious time lavishly instead I'm still proceeding with my secret plan. ;-) God knew how to sail me in the ocean of life, whether in my tough path or in my even more tougher path.

Let me hope for the best.

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