Thursday, December 6, 2012

Farmville 2 - Tips and Tricks

Hello all..

 Some hate facebook, some hate games, and yeah, I was one among them hating facebook and gaming in facebook. But now I am a facebooker. I can be titled as facebooker not because of my regular facebooker posts, but I do play Farmville a lot. To be honest I play using my facebook account and also with my parent's account ;-) (obviously with their knowledge). Initially, in my college days, I was playing Farmville, but now I found myself attracted towards Farmville 2 with its additional features. Playing Farmville can help an individual in their day-2-day time management, unless and until, they are not addicted to it.  After several hours of playing with it, I found some interesting strategies to be followed to obtain higher levels easily, i.e., with easy progress in "XP" which is hard to improve as our level increases. And yeah, XP is nothing but experience.

These are some points in which I find something interesting to my farm.

Plant strawberry when the level is about to complete

 XP- We have to monitor the "XP" required to reach the next level(usually indicated next to the purple star on the top of our farm). Once we are about to reach the required XP to complete the present level, start planting the strawberry seeds or sunflower seeds, so that we are able to reach the next level with more XP gained for the next level's XP target. These strawberry and sunflower yields 13 and 14 XP's respectively and which takes about a day to harvest, if we do calculating at the end of the present level, we'll be able to harvest as soon as we reach the next level in few minutes. This is good about having progression in the levels.

Click on neighbour's farm icon (bottom left) when highlighted with water drop
 HELP NEIGHBOURS- We are able to gain some XP and coins by helping our neighbours. And usually when visiting others farm, it is better to harvest carrot(which is locked for lower levels) which yields more coins while selling them in market or to our neighbour's concern it is better to water or fertilize trees esp trees like pecan trees(which require 4 waters :-( ), so that they can accept our help after harvesting their trees to water their trees. Add more neighbours to be benefitt.

Craft a delicious food and sell them in market

CRAFTS- It is always better to sell the goods for good amount of coins once if they are processed than to sell them as raw goods. They give us XP's and good coins too.

 TASKS- We should always be checking the tasks given to us by zynga, it always yields us some bonus XP's and coins. We can find the task lists given to us in the left side of our farm, by clicking on them we'll find things to be completed.

Click on the icons on left side to find tasks given by Zynga. Also, see how fencing the animals restrict their movements to a confined area.

ANIMALS- Adopting animals are always helpful. They are always an easy way of earning some XP and coins. but the feed which we give them, we should be careful of the material which we make feed of. Usually olives and fig are the good  sources of feed as they are not used in any of the craft materials in the kitchen, also they aren't the good sources of coins as raw material. So, it is always better to have them as feed. It is also better to have an area fenced for the animals to be wandering else they'll be free to move in our plots which makes us to have hard time with cultivating, watering and harvesting crops.

Plant as many trees as possible. Try to arrange them properly.

TREES- Always prefer watering the lemon trees, olive trees, peach trees and orange trees as olives are very much used in the feeder machine and lemon, peach and oranges in the kitchen. It is better to water Pecan trees using our friends visit.

See a cute couple sitting on top of a hay block? They are the farmhands.

FARMHAND- It is better to use farmhands on strawberry and sunflower as it takes long time to be harvested. By using farmhands, we can harvest the crops at once.

Fertilize your crops to gain more XP and to be mastery of crops

FERTILIZER- Fertilizer's are worthy to be used on pumpkin as it weighs good and usually on strawberries. Using fertilizers makes the crop prized, provide mastery in crops and XP of equivalent weight of the crop is gained in bonus.
Based on the requirements wheat, pumpkin, cauliflower, seasonal crops, etc. can be cultivated. Keep checking the land to be bought next and its requirements, so that we can help with that.

This is what I found while playing Farmville 2 and thought of publishing in my blog for this time. And I'm sure I'll find some tips and tricks to play this game and will definitely share with you people.

Happy Farming!!!

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