Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Candle Light Lunch

 I talk a lot. A lot, lot and a lot, but only to the people I know and are closer to me. Strangers describes me to my friends as "the calmest girl ever" or "what a silent girl", and in those moments my close friends would stare at me wildly. I never minded them, and I continued to talk a lot, a lot and a lot more, as usual. If I stay quiet for some time, my roomies in my hostel will find things strange and inevitably ask me "What's wrong with you Jai?"

 Likewise, its obvious to kill my husband by talking more and more, and I really wonder how is he able hear them patiently, even when I recite the same story many times, as if he is hearing it for the first time. 

 I don't know why I keep repeating some of my nostalgic stories to him but it really made me feel as if I am a Thing with wings that flies up into the sky over the cirrus clouds. 

 When I was a kid (just a few years back ;-) ) I used to celebrate my birthday every month of my birth date, and I keep telling this kiddish thing to my hubby. I didn't really know he would keep these in his busy mind.

 Suddenly, a day before my birth date, which was a month after my real birthday,  he kept on telling me that he is going to cook on the next day and I should never interfere in his kitchen work and asked only for my assistance. I was confused of this different behaviour of him and I was as he asked me to be, enjoying the things he was doing with the kitchen utensils and commodities.

 Finally he came out with delicious stuffs and arranged for Candle Light Lunch, as it was dark in the later noon. He wished me "Happy Birthday Darling" with a sweet kiss in my forehead, and later I realized how much he valued my silly talks and also realized that the cooking arrangements are not for the Christmas, but for my birth date!

 Apple and Cinnamon flavoured candle

         Candle Light Lunch

That was lovely and made me happy, happier and happiest <3

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  1. wow....awesome jaisri..:) my friend very lucky :)