Friday, August 4, 2017

God helped him!

As all the young couples do, there was a silly quarrel between Sriram and Janaki.

Janaki was very mischievous girl.
It was now over 24 hours after their silent war.

Janaki was now expecting him to convince her, which Sriram failed to do. The house became more silent, starving, just the way opposite to their minds.

Janaki's mind was full of questions: "Why is he not convincing me? Why is he not initiating the talk? Should I initiate the talk? Should I quarrel with him again? I am hungry! What to do? "

Sriram brought a cup of mashed potato. Hungry Janaki wants to grab the cup and empty it in a snap, but the Egoistic Janaki refused it.

After a couple of minutes hunger pinched Janaki's empty stomach, So she changed her strategy to quarrel by eating the entire food without leaving any for him. Slowly she peeped into the hall to check on Sriram. A little happiness in her face to see that Sriram also didn't eat the mashed potatoes.

Janaki banged into the kitchen, stole the entire bowl of creamy mashed potatoes topped with pepper and cilantro. 

She was unable to finish them all, but her new strategy made her complete the bowl. She went to Sriram to make him jealous by telling how yummy the lunch was!

She joyously told him that she eat all the potatoes and how tasty it was and without leaving him a bit. 
He was very happy to see his angry wife's happy and victorious smile in her face. After admiring it for a while, to her shock, Sriram silently pointed his fingers towards the pooja shelf where a left a major part of it as a offering to God.

There was sudden burst of laughter between the two.

So, God helped him!