Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Hi Blog! long time.. no see.. Was busy with nothing, Just wanted to say you 'hi' and ask how you being?

Also to share a thought!!

Like everyone else in the world, I missed my child hood days. Days when at least a few around me admired my daydream's'(of-course, not really).
Time when nobody found mistakes in my fantasy world.
To my surprise, I knew, time changes; people grow faster than I thought; but expectations: grew even faster than I expected!

I used to day dream to have highly luxurious house filled ONLY with happiness everywhere(impossible right!! now I know), super dooper car, only friends and lovable ones' existence, blah.. blah.. blah.. (which I  believe most of us does)

And here comes the fate in action.
And I used to share this super fantasy story with a FEW of my kith and kins.
Unknowing of the fact, that my fantasy story would cause some reason for their jealousy, I shared this with my close relative who was supposed to witness this almost 20years back 'onwards'. But that person was not very friendly with me or that person didn't have much time previously to listen to them, but now unfortunately happened to hear them.

Expectations are more like practically achievable wish, and these should not be shared with every one around us (lesson learnt). Our wishes can create jealousy or at least their stomach burn. If they share the same  thing with us it is our boon to listen to them, and if the vice versa happens it would be the world's worst sin that could ever happen.

 Day dream is more self centred, I bet no one day dream for others ;) Only we knows what we expect. Its I.

And if this is the situation of my expectation (day dream), what in the world would happen if this dream come true!

Once again I wish the cause (person behind) of this article would read it!