Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Hrdaya: 6 months baby!

Our little girl is 6 months old now! 6 months of time has gone just like a flashing lightening! There were so many extremely happy and exciting moments in this six months. She is a hyperactive baby reaching all her milestones with so much of hard work and confidence. I pray we should nurture her interest in exploring things and the way she communicate to us! Expecting so many in future.


Sleeping beauty!

Smiling doll!

Good traveller!

Crawling baby!

Laughing angel!

Family outing!

Determined walker!

Chasing sunlight!

"I love you mom!"

Safe with father's love!

With Grandma!

Happy with friend!

Picking and dropping (first game!)

Grabbing her toy!

Halloween costumes!

Big yawn from small mouth!

The way she eats!

Enough of prunes!!!

Her first devotional service (Govardhan Puja at Denver Iskcon)!

Posing model!

Elegantly sitting!

Balancing little feet!