Monday, April 15, 2013

Black and White

Recently, I watched a Tamil movie "Paradesi" with my husband. The movie, which was taken in black and white, reminded me of one question which I asked to my parents when I was a kid. The naivety in my question made everyone have a good laugh then.

  I think it happened one fine day in 1990 when my parents took me along with my siblings out to our native village for a farmhouse day. The day was welcomed by a warm breeze flowing gently through the streets in my village. The picturesque beauty of the rising sun set the perfect atmosphere for such a wonderful and memorable trip.

We started our day with an aromatic filter coffee. Then, there was a competition amongst us to apply oil on our head and run first to the pumpset. Nobody wants to miss out the fun in a pumpset bath!

Meanwhile, my dad arranged for tender coconuts for everyone. We spent hours playing under the pumpset, chilled out from the warmer temperature which was turning hot with time. After the bath, we filled our stomach with fresh and tasty coconut water while the warmer temperature and a mild breeze was taking care of drying ourselves and our dresses.

A pumpset in a paddy field

 With our thirst quenched and feeling refreshed, we returned to our farmhouse. On our way, we spotted a few snakes chilling out in a brook. Everyone was so hungry that we all rushed in to our house for a lunch. The lunch was served in a traditional way on a banana leaf which we plucked from a plantain field nearby.

 After a delicious meal prepared by my mom and grandma, we took siesta. When we woke up again, it was evening already. We decided to watch a film on TV to spend our evening before going back home.

 It was on our way back home that I asked my parents, "Were there no colors in olden days?". At first, they did not get my question. But later, when they were reminded of the old tamil flick we saw which was taken in black and white, they all had a good laugh!

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