Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Drag-O-man's Drag

"Hey Girls!! What's going on?", asked Swetha to her roomies.

"Hi Akka! We are trying to watch this movie, but we do not have sub-title. Nobody know the language. Can you please translate the movie to us?", questioned Valli with her innocent look.

 "Oh sure!", came the reply. 

 Priya inserted the pendrive in her laptop and played the movie while Swetha explained the story to everyone.
"Hero is a new face, I'm sorry I don't know his name and the heroine is, I'm sure you people do know her"
"Aishwarya Rai", came the chorus from the little crowd.
"Yeah, you are right".

"Hero and heroine are fighting with a sword for fun. After a while, hero gets angry with heroine's dad as he was looking for a groom from other kingdom, even though he knew that they were in love."

"Heroine was trying to convince him, but he left the place ferociously. Heroine is confused whether to marry her lover whom she knew from her childhood or the king of other kingdom for her father's sake."

 "The moment she saw the king from the other kingdom, heroine was  so impressed that she gave her consent to marry him. Hearing this, her childhood sweetheart felt disappointed and left the kingdom in a rage."

When Swetha was about to continue explaining the story, a voice from the small crowd interrupted, "Story is not good Akka. We are not going to watch the remaining. How can she decide to marry him by just looking at him? What about her childhood love?", they all asked her.
They started to hate the story at the beginning itself. Just then, Swetha got a call.
" I'll be back in a minute girls", she said while answering on her phone walking outside of the room.

"How far have you girls watched the movie?", Gayathri asked entering the room.  "I'm sorry, I forgot to copy the subtitle".

"That's alright, we don't need that anymore. We had decided to stop watching. We din't like the story", Valli said to Gayathri.

Gayathri was surprised! "Did you girls follow the movie? You are the only one in the whole hostel who says the story was not good!"

"We are wondering why there is so much of hype for this movie. Heroine chose the king just by his appearance, and she left her real love from her childhood. That really sucks", Abhi said.

"Childhood hero?"

"Yeah, the one who fights with sword at the beginning"

"Who told you the story?", Gayathri asked, roaring in laughter.

"The guy who was fighting with the sword with heroine is her brother. He was teaching her how to fight with sword. She gave her consent to marry the king for her dad's sake, that too to protect her kingdom. She is really not impressed by him as you girls think", she explained the real plot.

Everyone in the room was stunned. "Is it true?", they asked in disbelief.

Gayathri copied the subtitle in the pendrive and played the movie again from the beginning. This time, the story was different from what Swetha explained!

After finishing her call, Swetha entered inside and asked, "so, where did we leave?"

"Akka, we are watching a different movie now", Valli winked at her. "Come, we will tell you a different story this time".

 And they all laughed every time they think about this incident.