Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wheel Chair

 "How about a movie?" asked one of our  friends.

 "Oh Sure!" came the reply from us without a moment delay, even if we had seen the same movie last weekend in one of the fine theatres in Fort Collins.

 We were looking for an empty parking lot, fortunately found one at last.

 "There she is!" exclaimed our friend pointing to his wife, who arrived at that moment with her cousin, a cute niece and a little nephew.

 They planned watching one movie for the kids choice, which were not of the same sort. At last we changed our plan to the kids wish and there we got splitted into two groups. One group decided to watch an epic fantasy movie as the choice of the cutie girl and the other group went for a cartoon movie with the little boy.

It was so obvious that we went to watch the cartoon movie with our friend, since we had already watched the other one.

 While we were just sharing our Christmas experience, suddenly there made a entry by the theatre manager stating that the wheel chair accessible seat has been made ready (which was previously occupied by someone else who really not in need of that wheel chair accessible area), which made our friend look relaxed.

 All of a sudden, our friend asked us a question which made a bitter minute to answer "Is there wheel chair accessible seating arrangements in the theatres in your hometown?"

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