Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Tea Stall In Dubai!

A dusty road, not only dust, uncleaned trash bins. Its autumn and the road is almost covered with leaves without the road workers. 

"Only our road looks sloggy" said a neighbour.

 "Its waste of time waiting for the cleaners, let's do it ourselves", a volunteer raised his voice.

"He doesn't belong to our street", murmured a kid to his friend pointing towards the young volunteer.

"He may be our neighbour's guest", replied the other kid in a whisper. Everyone in the street thought so.

"Next is going to be the rainy season. Its better not to wait for the cleaners, drainage may be clogged in rain in the next week and we may get infected too", explained the stranger.

"There is a point, let us start cleaning up". Everyone in the street were excited about their team work, leaving all their ego aside and at last it worked!!

While cleaning, everyone noticed the stranger and came to know that he does not belong to any of the houses in the street. But everyone liked his attitude and started talking to him.

"Where do you live? I haven't seen you much in the town", asked an old man who was retired from a National bank as a clerk and presently spends his time in the town library reading books.

"You are right uncle. I live in the next town. I came here to sell my goods for half the rate. I saw the condition of the road and the other part in me started working towards it", he kindly replied.

"Its good to know you. You look so young! Who motivated you to do these things? How can sell goods in half its rate?", asked the old man in wonder.

"I work for the institute that helps poor and needy. Rich people give these goods to the institute where I volunteer for social service. I help them in selling those goods", he replied with a clear and calm face.

"We'll buy your things", said a lady in the crowd.

"It is for a good cause, I'll buy some too", said another.

Soon, all the goods he brought were sold.

"What will you do in future?" asked the old man when he was about to leave. "I wish to have a tea stall in Dubai", came a reply from him.

"Tea stall? Why?" asked the old man, curiously. 

"It is because my parents own a tea shop in the next town and I want to expand it in Dubai". He bid a farewell to everyone and left.

"Hey! This is the thing stolen last week from Rekha's house" said a women in her late 40's.

"This is the thing telecast-ed a couple of day's ago in T.V being stolen by a tricky thief from a city store!", came another voice.